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We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs navigate through tough transitions. In this crisis, Exit Club is opening up the community for pre- and post-exit entrepreneurs, matching like-minded individuals to find support and meaning together.

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Why Exit Club?

Peer groups help to develop well-being and resilience, so we bring entrepreneurs online and in the real world to connect and inspire.

Exit Club began to help entrepreneurs have a great post-exit life. What happens after a business or a job — these are challenging transitions, yet full of possibility.

We believe that just as leaders deliver powerful business results when they have a strong plan, business owners, executives and gig workers can achieve their goals with the right plan and perspective.

Direct Exit Support

Exit Club is the only resource of its kind that puts a laser focus on what happens after an exit from a business, from our communities to working with entrepreneurs directly:

Pre-Exit Planning
Exit strong by setting a solid plan. Many a company has an exit strategy, every entrepreneur should have a Personal Exit Plan. Work with us to clarify your goals and desires, and develop and execute a plan toward achieving them. Setting a clear but flexible roadmap is especially important in times of uncertainty.

Post-Exit Process
There are five stages of grief -- and four stages of transitioning from post-exit trauma into your best life. We help you answer that persistent question: What next?

For Employers & Acquirers
Companies and other organizations can use the Exit Club process to facilitate transitions, with workshops or 1:1 coaching and mentoring.

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Insights & Resources

Every experience is unique, but it's helpful to know how others have gone through something similar. Read about what happens after an exit and listen to conversations with entrepreneurs sharing stories of challenges and triumphs after exit.

Other Resources
The books Exit Signs and Finish Big offer detailed insights for business owners. Columbia Business School and Credit Suisse explored this topic with successful entrepreneurs in this white paper. This white paper from Coutts offers further thinking on preparing for post-exit life.

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